Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eighteen LGBT-friendly Companies

To help guide my marriage equality-hating friends to choose to patronize companies that comport with their "family values," here is a list of 18 companies that support LGBT rights and issues.  Go fight the good fight, wingers!

Kraft Foods -- a rainbow Oreo cookie was posted to its FB page on 6/12/12 in honor of Pride Week
General Mills -- the company opposed a gay marriage ban in Minnesota
Levi Strauss -- the company pulled its financial support of the Boy Scouts for the group's anti-gay stance
American Apparel -- put its "Legalize Gay" t-shirt in storefront windows and then sent them to any group fighting for LGBT rights after its stores were vandalized.
Disney World -- the theme park has "Gay Days"
Starbucks -- supports marriage equality
Procter & Gamble -- opposed an anti-gay rights statute in its hometown of Cincinnati.
Microsoft -- supported a bill that would outlaw discrimination against homosexuals at work.  Under pressure the company withdrew its support and the law was defeated by a single vote
Home Depot -- has an inclusive corporate culture that does not discriminate against gays.
PepsiCo -- gave $1 million to Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG
Safeway Grocers -- put large Pride posters in its stores across America
GAP Stores -- Old Navy sold "It Gets Better" anti-bullying t-shirts in its stores, and The Gap launched ads featuring two men pressed together in the same shirt.
Girls Scouts of America -- allowed a transgender youth to participate
Macy's -- fired an employee who prevented a transgender woman from using a female dressing room because of "her religious beliefs."
Target -- announced it would donate 100% of any Pride merchandise sold to pro-LGBT group.
JCPenney -- depicted a same-sex couple lovingly playing with their children in one of their catalogs.
Walgreen's -- Platinum level sponsor of Chicago's "Gay Games"
Ford -- donated money to LGBT groups, supported and sponsored Pride celebrations, and advertised in gay-oriented publications.