Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Times Square Bomber

Talking Points Memo reports that "FBI Deputy Director John Pistole (great name for a law enforcement guy, huh?) told reporters that the suspected Times Square Bomber was interviewed last night and this morning under the "public safety exception to the Miranda rule" by officers with the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the NYPD. He was then transferred to another location, Mirandized, and kept talking, Pistole said. "

So I'm not really sure if the current outrage being expressed by Republican lawmakers about the suspect being Mirandized was with the full knowledge that he'd been interrogated once without being read his rights or without that knowledge. Either way, they're knee-jerking the administration's every move, but it still points to the neocon obsession with torture, since without Miranda the U.S. is essentially free to torture at will.

Next thing they'll be saying that, like Jose Padilla before him, the bomber needs to be held as an enemy combatant and tried in a military tribunal rather than civilian court. However, like Richard Reid and the Underpants Bomber, a civilian court is the best and safest way to ensure adherence to the Constitution (oh, yeah, thaaaaat old thing) and secure a fair trial, especially since the guy's an actual U.S. Citizen.

Should that shut the neocons up? Hardly. Next they'll be calling for his citizenship, which he got just a year ago, to be revoked so that he can fall into the black hole, get sent to Gitmo or Bagram, and let the military have their way with him.

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