Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Direction of the GOP

From potential 2012 candidate, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, originally from Yazoo City:
You heard of the Citizens Councils? Up north they think it was like the KKK. Where I come from it was an organization of town leaders. In Yazoo City they passed a resolution that said anybody who started a chapter of the Klan would get their ass run out of town. If you had a job, you’d lose it. If you had a store, they’d see nobody shopped there. We didn’t have a problem with the Klan in Yazoo City.

Uh, that's because, except for the cloaks and hoods, Citizens Councils were the same as the Klan. If someone called it the Klan you got your ass run out of town. If you started calling it something like Citizens Council, you got respect.

American Family Association? Focus on the Family? Family Research Council? Tea Party Patriots? All respectable names for organizations who can't manage to utter respectable words for anyone different than themselves. Organizations doing their best to cleanse America of these outsiders, these different people, these anti-Americans, these communists, these Nazis, these black people.

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