Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yeah, He'd Make a Great President

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R, of course!) has been outed as a dirty, stinking Christianist by the Houston Chronicle.
Employing deeply religious language that national experts say affords both power and peril for his political career, Gov. Rick Perry in late May told a group of East Texas business leaders that he was "called to the ministry" at age 27, suggested that the governor's office was his pulpit and that God put him "in this place at this time to do his will."

According to a transcript of the private meeting, organized to raise funds for Perry's Aug. 6 "day of prayer and fasting" at Reliant Stadium, the governor stated that property rights, government regulation and a "legal system that's run amok" were threatening the American way of life and "it's time to just hand it over to God and say 'God, you're gonna have to fix this.' "

I don't think I have to write the obvious here. The base of the Republican Party will love, love, love Perry's remarks, and the Democrats, sane Republicans, and moderates will absolutely recoil with horror. Paint me very blue indeed.

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