Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barter for Health Care?

Uh, YEAH RIGHT! I'm sure my brother and father would love this story, about the Republican challenger to Harry Reid who thinks that bringing back bartering for health care as a serious alternative to Obama's health care reform package. (Apparently she's trouncing Reid in current polling in Nevada, which shows you just how fucking backward that state truly is.)

To be fair, she did say that the barter system was not part of her plan and was just talking about it as an alternative at a town hall meeting. But what makes her a fucking loony is that she thinks it's a serious alternative.

I remember when I was a child, definitely under 10 years old, that my parents took my brothers and me out to dinner at the home of this woman who was one of dad's patients. It was a multi-course, huge Italian feast (yum!). I remember asking why we were being treated to such a nice dinner. I don't remember the answer, but if it was a barter or partial barter for service, and this is what Sue Lowden thinks would be a great way to reform health care, then HELLS YEAH! I'm all for this! If I can pay for my annual check ups for me and my family with dinners out, or doing their refinances for free, or a month's worth of laundry, wouldn't that be better than dealing with insurance companies all the time? Let's put those fucking behemoths out of business!

I have a great idea! Let's turn the whole economy into a barter economy. No more money, no need for savings! I'll go to the grocery store and sweep their floor at 3 am for a free cart of groceries. How many hours would I need to work behind the counter at my local gas station/convenience store to get a free tank of gas? What about day care costs? Do I volunteer at the school for 20 hours a month and get free day care? I could also trade back rubs for lap dances at my local strip club! I really think she's onto something.

Kidding aside, bartering is actually a legitimate way to conduct business and save money along the way. B ut if this is what Republicans, who are backing Lowden at the national level, call serious arguments for health-care reform, then they have truly closed their minds for good to the idea of earnest debate.

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