Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"We were constantly on the alert"

A Sullivan reader relates her story of her two sons and a Franciscan priest who "befriended" her two sons who were altar boys at their church. She writes that she and her convert husband "were constantly on the alert for any hints of unusual priestly interest" in her boys.

Even though they were devout Catholics and had their sons serving as altar boys, this couple was on alert, basically assuming that priests engaged in pederasty. If that weren't bad enough, so as long as it didn't happen to their sons, they were perfectly willing to let such behavior slide.

Need I say it? The Catholic church is one fucked up institution. I'm beginning to realize that all that sexual imagery in religious artwork hanging in the Vatican museum were not just reflective of the way artists liked to depict the human form. Could it be that these works were the early priests' version of pornography?

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