Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bless Her Heart

About five or six years ago, during my last major employment stint, my business unit had to go through a monthly training to keep up on the latest developments in the industry, new system upgrades, etc. The trainer was a fantastic gal from Atlanta who to this day makes me smile when I think of her, the kind of woman who took no shit from anyone, but had that southern charm that just disarms any person who might be fixing to get angry at her.

She had this particular way of referring to a person who was acting like a total asshole, or had just missed the boat on a particular, but crucial, aspect of the training. She would say, in her thickest southern drawl, "Bless her/his heart!"

Witness today's foot in mouth idiocy from Michelle Bachmann.

Why, bless her little heart!

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