Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unplugged From the Matrix Quote of the Day...Maybe

Courtesy of Fox News's Clayton Morris, hat tip to Bob Cesca:
If you dive into the weeds a little bit on this global warming thing, you see that it seems that facts are certainly on Huntsman’s side on all of this and fact checkers have come out, we’re actually having our own brain room look look at this right now that any of Perry’s comments don’t seem to hold a lot of water.

Emphasis mine ("this global warming thing") and Cesca's (the rest). If this was all of the quote, I'd feel pretty good that someone at Fox News admits that facts might actually matter when it comes to discussing global warming. But, no...
[But] It doesn’t matter. What’s resonating right now in South Carolina is helping Governor Perry tremendously and he fired back at Huntsman on global warming and gaining traction, facts or not.

Perry's shooting back at Huntsman, and even though he's fucking lying through his teeth and speaking from a place of complete ignorance. He's "gaining traction."

Cesca puts it very well:
Morris probably didn’t realize exactly what he was admitting to while trying to make his point, but he’s right. Facts don’t matter to the lunatic base.

Every fact in the book could be on Huntsman’s side, or President Obama’s side, or anyone’s side, but it doesn’t matter because the base isn’t interested in that. That doesn’t further their interests.

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