Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice, Meg, but Who the Fuck Cares?

Reason's Tim Cavanagh posts the Not Your Job Prize, awarded to Meg Whitman for her ad in L.A.'s Jewish Journal that touts her support for -- wait for it -- Israel. Now, we Jews can be provincial just like everyone else, but in a goober-natorial race for California, Meg Whitman's support for Israel means about as much to me as what brand of kitty litter my neighbor uses. Actually, means less than that.

First it was Meg's leasing office space in East LA to woo Latino voters, and now this. Pretty soon she's gonna be doing shots of Jack in a Terminal Island bar to garner support from the Longshoremen's Union.

There are a lot of Jewish Republicans, to be sure. It's akin to what happens when a Jew fully assimilates into Gentile society. In other words, we Jews can take leave of our senses, whether for short bursts of time or for the rest of our lives. But any Jew who votes for Meg Whitman as the result of her position on Israel will be digging California's grave. Let's hope there are some Jews who bother to write the Jewish Journal in protest. Like I will.

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