Thursday, October 7, 2010

Watch and Learn, and Vote Correctly

Here are two items that perfectly illustrate why a vote for a Republican candidate in November is the wrong choice. The first is a comic strip forwarded to me by a Facebook friend:

The second is this YouTube compilation of clips of Republican Senate and House members being interviewed by the media, including the conservatives Fox News and MSNBC's Morning Joe, asking for specific proposals about what Republicans would cut from the budget as they claim to be the party of fiscal discipline and responsibility:

One of these gasbags suggests, to his credit, a freeze in discretionary spending. Good for him, but he's months late, as President Obama announced that in his State of the Union speech last January.

Now, the Tea Partiers are solidly behind the Republicans, and some of them claim, at least, to be in favor of putting everything on the table with regard to spending cuts. So how can any Tea Partier stand behind these people who lack any courage at all to state publicly, for the record, what cuts they'd make to the budget to reduce spending. You don't even hear them saying unequivocally (except the one guy arguing for a discretionary spending freeze) that they'd keep defense, Medicare, and Medicaid off the table. But these mealy-mouthed bastards don't want to say that, of course, for fear of alienating the Tea Partiers who have been screaming for cuts everywhere. And of course, President Obama, in his SOTU speech, also said that Defense, Homeland Security, and Veteran's Affairs were off the table for cuts.

So, as I'm someone who believes in fiscal discipline and responsibility, I'm looking to Obama, who has the right ideas, who has already put them on the table, spoken about them publicly, and actually taken steps to get it done. All the Republicans have done is publish a slick 42-page book talking about "taking a look" at getting on the road to a balanced budget. They have no new ideas other than making the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, which didn't stimulate the economy enough to generate enough jobs (mostly because the wealthy were busy outsourcing those jobs to save more money). They lack any semblance of backbone, and merely talk the talk. Tea Partiers who vote Republican will probably do so because of social issues, which totally undermines their claims of seriousness on fiscal reform.

But if you look at the comic above, the real reason they want to vote Republican is because they hate Obama, the anti-colonialist, Marxist, Nazi, Kenyan Muslim who wants to wipe his ass with the Constitution. The uppity black guy who they can't faze, make mad, or whose character they can't impugn.

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