Saturday, October 9, 2010

Paragraph of the Day

From a Christwire article headlined "Pot Smoking Radicals are Using the Internet to Turn America Into a Socialist Sex Utopia." First of all, sounds nearly perfect to me, except the Socialist part. Anyway, here's the paragraph:
How can we let this happen in the United States of America? This was once a great, no an INCREDIBLE country! We were the leaders of the free world. We led in FREEDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS! And now that is being thrown away so our kids can enjoy their reefer kicks in broken down cars in factory parking lots. God and Country have been sacrificed because our young people would rather hang out on the couch, changing the channel from Christ to cartoons, stripping down to their dirty jockstraps and unclasping corpulent bras so they can grope each other in stoned fantasy lands of “free love” fetish play where every finger finds a hole, every mouth finds a nipple. God forbid our enemies invade, they would discover our hearty children fornicating in every corner of this country, drugged out of their minds, bare behinds in the wind… And knowing the lusty and immoral cravings of those swarthy barbarians, they would most likely jump right in and ride our young heathens off into the sunset of America’s greatness, slapping and howling to Allah all the way.
My emphasis. Funniest shit I've read in a long time.

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