Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Soldier's Account

CNN profiles Iraq war vet Colby Buzzell who blogged from Iraq during his deployment in 2004.
I observed a man, dressed all in black with a terrorist beard, jump out all of sudden from the side of a building, he pointed his AK-47 barrel right at my fucking pupils, I froze and then a split second later, I saw the fire from his muzzle flash leaving the end of his barrel and brass shell casings exiting the side of his AK as he was shooting directly at me. I heard and felt the bullets whiz literally inches from my head.

He was blogging anonymously before the Army found out who he was and confined him to base. Then he posted an anti-war rant from Jello Biafra (singer for Dead Kennedys) and they ordered him to stop. Only 10 weeks, but it seems to have struck a nerve. He compiled his blog posts and journal entries into a book, called "My War," published in 2005.

Now he's home, divorced, diagnosed with PTSD, and regularly contributes to Esquire. If you want a good read from this man, go here, and learn that there really is a draft (just among guys who've been deployed already). Scary stuff.

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