Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Displays of Actual Journalism

A reader writes in response to my previous post:
Problem is the Dems could likely lose that district (25% chance according to History for many people connotes heavy lifting, while comparative religions would rate as some kind of porn for these bumpkins. You know, I found out the oldest part of the Bible is Judges 5.1-31, a song to Deborah the only female judge or ruler of note of the ancient Jews. That she was a prophet, probably a witch, and consulted an oracle, or was one herself, should give some of those good ol' fundamentalists in the Carolinas some pause for thought--if any are capable of that process--the very genesis of "their" book is goddess-based, shamaness-directed, as well as oracular.
Actually, if you ask a modern "Christian" if they're troubled with the pagan origins of their sacred text, they will blissfully proclaim that the New Testament did away with all of that. With biblical literalism, replacement of the old text means that nasty things in Deuteronomy like stoning adulterers and keeping slaves can be safely ignored and used as teaching to show how much of an improvement the new text is over the old one.

While exceptions certainly exist, on matters of faith, reason, logic, and knowledge hold no sway over the average Christian.

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