Sunday, September 26, 2010

News Flash! Journalist Acts Like Journalist, Asks Tough Questions

Anderson Cooper interviews a Republican Congressional Candidate from NC-2, Renee Ellmers, about her campaign ad, which clearly conflates Muslims and terrorists. She's so flustered by the constant questioning that she accuses Cooper of being anti-religious.

What relevant opinion this nurse who decided to run for Congress in North Carolina has about the Park51 Center is beyond me. But she shows off how ignorant she is when Cooper challenges her about her statement in the ad that everywhere Muslims conquered, they built a "victory mosque." Cooper states that everywhere Catholics (and Ellmers says she's a Catholic) went and conquered, they eradicated the dominant religion and erected a church; so how is that any different from conquering Muslims building a victory mosque? Her farcical idea that any warfare waged by anyone of Muslim descent is terrorism should turn the stomach of any American who actually believes in religious freedom.

Incidentally, it's amazing to me that such displays of actual journalism are so rare that they deserve to be spotlighted. Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for featuring it on The Daily Dish.

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