Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes, American Voters are Stupid

A new CNN poll indicates that Americans are completely disconnected from reality when it comes to their opinions about fiscal responsibility.

Exhibit A: 41% of Americans believe that the Republicans in Congress are responsible for our economic problems, while only 35% blame Democrats in Congress.

Exhibit B: 47% of Americans believe that the economic policies of Republicans in Congress are more likely to improve economic conditions, while only 41% believe that Democrats will do a better job.

So, we are to conclude that average Americans are willing to endure national economic hardship, lose jobs, homes, retirement savings, etc., as long as the richest 1% of Americans get to pay lower taxes, as long as they can lose their health insurance when they get sick or lose their jobs (or not qualify to get insurance because of pre-existing condition), as long as they can continue to pass on massive debts to their kids and grandkids. Just so we're clear: the ONLY plan the Republicans have is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which will add massively to an already massive debt; repeal health care reform and replace it with something that will do almost nothing to contain costs or protect the most vulnerable Americans; privatize Social Security and put trillions of Americans' retirement dollars at risk in a market managed by their biggest campaign donors; increase defense spending and expand the surveillance state, without one iota of revenue increase; and gear up for war with Iran, with the same off-budget supplementals that Bush used to finance Iraq and Afghanistan.

We're fucking idiots.

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