Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Palin Model

As Andrew Sullivan has exhaustively covered the odd, pernicious, and myriad lies of Sarah Palin during and since her campaign for the vice presidency of the United States, it appears that real journalism is making a comeback during the mid-terms.

Greg Sargent, a blogger at the Washington Post, reports that Christine O'Donnell *, the GOP candidate for US Senate in Delaware, may have falsified, or at best stretched the truth of, her educational background. Further amplification at HuffPost.

* It is very distasteful for me to post anything about this mote, this gasoline slick on the surface of a puddle, this future contestant on Leno's Jay-walking segment. While I have no illusions that my blog getting millions of page views every month (that, my dear readers, depends a lot on how much you spread my writings around), for anyone to elevate the status of Christine O'Donnell to someone who actually matters carries with it a risk that, in the end, we might actually make her matter.

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