Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keep It Up, Sarah!

Palin's bus tour is as "rogue" as she proclaims herself to be. Seeming to lead the press on a wild-goose chase, not telling them where she'll be and at what time, she makes them look stupid and ineffective. In any event, she does not engender support from anyone who might be disaffected with Obama's presidency, because what she's doing is not leading anything. It looks like juvenile game-playing.

Still, it hasn't kept the blogosphere from speculating. Politico's Ben Smith doesn't think she has anything resembling a plan. Time's Jay-Newton Small sees a greater level of craftiness:

I would say Palin’s goal is to torture the “lame stream media,” but there may be more going through her mind. In many ways, it’s a smart ploy. The frustration and time spent looking for Palin, only to have her say next to nothing, is driving the press wild. Even if it yields few stories, Palin still controls her own message by blogging the trip herself, and forcing everyone to check her website to see what she’s saying and where she’s going.
But it's P.M. Carpenter who caught my attention:

If there are any politics here, they may relate to a formal Tea Party creation down the road, certainly by 2016, perhaps by the intervening midterms. For what we're watching now is the customary kind of sharp thinking and precise planning that precede the creation of foreordained calamities of the third-party breed.

Like Carpenter, I think that she's serious about a possible third-party bid in 2016. But let her overestimate herself, as she always does, and run in 2012. Even an announcement of a candidacy would send Romney and Pawlenty into seclusion as they try to come up with a credible rebuttal to her very existence without alienating the GOP wingnut base. With every establishment Republican from Karl Rove to (Palin's former champion) Bill Kristol now saying that she's not qualified to be President, the GOP will go through paroxysms of cognitive dissonance as they try to figure out how to discredit her without disaffecting her legions of idiot followers.

It gets better before it gets worse.

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