Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Doofuses, OK?

Herman Cain is a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. He founded Godfather's Pizza. He's African-American. He's very wealthy. He's very conservative, so much so that he's very well-regarded by Republican voters.

And he's a fucking retard. Here's a little fat to chew on:

We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America, we need to reread the Constitution and enforce the Constitution. … And I know that there are some people that are not going to do that, so for the benefit of those who are not going to read it because they don’t want us to go by the Constitution, there’s a little section in there that talks about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You know, those ideals that we live by, we believe in, your parents believed in, they instilled in you. When you get to the part about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” don’t stop there, keep reading. Cause that’s when it says “when any form of government becomes destructive of those ideals, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” We’ve got some altering and some abolishing to do!”
So, in lecturing us about reading the Constitution, he quotes the Declaration of Independence. Like I said... he's a fucking retard.

Let's please agree now, America, that anyone who wants to run for President from now on cannot be a doofus like Herman Cain. He must be able to pass the citizenship exam, know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and be able to identify every single amendment to the Constitution.

To illustrate why I propose this agreement, allow this seemingly brief tangent: Back in 2005, I was working for a financial institution, selling construction financing to builders who were putting up homes for resale. I was one of the only loan officers at the company specializing in this type of risky financing, and I knew my stuff. And I was making a lot of money. Some of the other loan officers, who were less experienced than I was, complained earlier in the year and told management they wanted to be able to sell these loans too. And management, not wanting to caved in. Within six months, management got a loan submission from one of these other loan officers. It was an application for financing to build four homes side-by-side, somewhere in the southern US. The applicant had good credit, decent income, and a fair amount of liquidity. The trouble was, he'd never built a home in his life. He owned a number of fast-food franchises, and wanted to cash in on the housing boom. So management, upon seeing this application from the burger guy, not only shut down financing for anyone who didn't have enough builder experience, but shut down financing for anyone who wasn't a licensed general contractor. Suddenly, my loan pipeline went from fantastic to dismal. All because some doofus didn't understand the nuances of construction financing.

We do not want to put the presidency in the hands of someone who does not understand governance, does not understand the benefits of diplomatic political rhetoric, and does not even understand our basic government documents. Herman Cain needs to go back to making pizza. If he doesn't like what his government is doing, he should NOT run for public office. He should donate his money to someone who knows how to govern and has a basic understanding of how our country works.

No doofuses, please!

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