Monday, May 9, 2011

Minister's Secret is Revealed

A Pennsylvania pastor found out last week that when one lies, it's difficult to keep tabs on everyone he's fooled. For five years, Rev. Jim Moats told his congregants at the Christian Bible Fellowship Church that he used to be a Navy SEAL, and while he did serve in the Navy for four years, he was never a member of that elite unit. It was only after a local newspaper, who thought they'd been getting local perspective on the SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, ran a story featuring Moats that his tale began to unravel.

The published story got the attention of one of Moats's sons, who called him to ask why he'd told people he'd been a SEAL. Moats, in his embarrassment, decided to go back to the paper and confess his lie. Also turns out that his gold Trident medal, which is given to those who complete SEAL training, was bought at a military surplus store. And the story of his SEAL service was cribbed from Steven Seagal and Demi Moore movies.

Even though he gave a partial admission of wrongdoing this past Sunday, he plans to go into more detail this Wednesday when he takes to the pulpit to explain fully his actions to his congregation. Should be fun. If anything, maybe it ought to serve as an example to others not to keep secrets.

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