Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sign Me Up, I'm Now a Believer

No, dear readers, I have not become a True Believer accepting JC as my personal savior.  No, that Kool-Aid is much too bitter-tasting for me.

What I'm saying to you today, unequivocally, is that I now fully believe that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin, and that she faked her pregnancy and even gone so far as to switch babies shortly after birth to bolster her version of the story.

I'm sure you all know the details of the story to some degree: Then Governor Palin announces her pregnancy at seven months along, though photographic evidence suggests that she looked extremely NOT pregnant at that time, then all of a sudden her belly ballooned. She recounted her birth story in her book that she was due to deliver a speech in Dallas when she woke up from her bed having noticed her water breaking.  Rather than going immediately to the hospital with a Neonatal ICU to care for a baby she knew had Down Syndrome, she went ahead to deliver her speech, all the while having contractions.  Instead of going to the hospital right after the speech, she went to the airport to hop a plane, not telling anyone -- the flight staff, fellow passengers -- that she was in labor.  When she arrived at SeaTac airport, instead of going to a hospital in Seattle with a NICU, she hops ANOTHER flight to Anchorage.  Instead of going immediately to a hospital in Anchorage with a NICU, she DRIVES 90 minutes to Wasilla to deliver this Down Syndrome baby in a hospital with no NICU.

In and of itself, this story is completely implausible, and anyone with any interest in babies and pregancy (read: parents) would recognize this as a completely implausible story.  And yet, no one -- not the doctor who supposedly delivered the baby, not the Palin family, not anyone -- with an intimate knowledge of the facts around this pregnancy and delivery has talked to the press about this ridiculous story.    And if you've read Andrew Sullivan's blog for the past three years, you know how obsessed he's been about uncovering the real events about it, and how the mainstream press has ridiculed HIM for pressing on with this nutty conspiracy theory-level story.  Even I had gotten a little tired of it, although I was pretty sure that she had faked it, and that someone like her and her family, with the willingness and intent to perpetrate a complete fraud on the entire country, could have been elected to be a cancer-survivor's heart-beat away from becoming the leader of the free world, I was willing to harbor enough doubt (and apathy) about it to keep it from consuming me too.

But no more.  Not after I see the pictures in this article from February 2010.  I got to this article after reading this five-word blog post from Andrew (of course) which links to this blog post from Laura Novak.  In it, she interviews Brad Scharlott, a journalism professor at Northern Kentucky University who earlier this year published a research paper about this pregnancy.  Now, in reading this interview, I admit even then to being a doubtful, because the complete implausibility of the ruse was itself so immense.  That Palin started concocting the plan to cover up the birth of Trig and to even assume motherhood of the baby to gain political advantage -- shit, this woman's a fucking monster, no?  Surely, not even a person with her very thin relationship with, you know, THE TRUTH, would go this far.  But, in this interview he talks about the ears of the baby boy called Trig Paxson Van Palin, and about how the baby in Bristol's lap during the Republican Convention was so much bigger than a typical four-month-old preemie would be (for the record, Trig was born on April 18, 2008, about a month premature).  I looked at pictures of the baby at the convention and I couldn't really say for sure that this baby was unusually large, but I'm no expert.  So I was still doubtful.

Then, just for kicks, I decided to Google Trig's ears, which Scharlott had called "ruffled."  He said that in different pictures, the ears of the baby Sarah Palin called her son Trig were different.  Here's what I saw:

Now, I don't know about you, but I can see that the right ear of the baby on the left is clearly deformed, and the ear of the baby in the center and right photos is not.  Go do the Google search yourself and see that the extracted images don't match.  You'll fail.  No way did Palin have this baby's ears surgically corrected, and no way would the scars from any surgery performed on an infant not be showing on a 5-6 month-old.  And no way would the baby's ears simply be misshapen because he slept on it funny.  My kids' ears never had any funny shapes because of how they slept on them.  When he drank, my younger son constantly pulled on his right ear from the time he nursed until he gave up sippy cups at age four, and the shape of his ear never changed once. 

Why would Palin use two different babies as Trig?  I am now absolutely certain that she did use two different babies as Trig during the 2008 campaign season, so the only reasonable explanation is that having this baby gave her some kind of political advantage.  Given my certainty about her using two babies, I am now also absolutely sure that she never gave birth to either of these babies.  Who did?  I don't know.  Some people believe it was her daughter Bristol, some her sister-in-law, Molly Wooten.  Whoever did deliver this baby, Sarah Palin is now his mother.  No one is talking, the press won't ask the questions, and we will probably never really know. 

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