Friday, October 28, 2011

Tea Party Group to Bachmann: "Time to Go"

American Majority, a Tea Party group, on Wednesday urged the Minnesota Congresswoman to give up her bid for president.  Basically, the group's president doesn't want Bachmann, who is the leader of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, to damage the brand of the movement.  He also said that her campaign is more about staying relevant and selling books than about reforming government; "a harsh commentary, but true."

Bachmann's campaign is, of course, dismissing the call, saying that Bachmann "enjoys strong support from Americans across party lines."  Really?  I want to hear from one Democrat, just one, who has legitimate reasons why Bachmann should be the next US president.  I want to hear from just one Libertarian who really thinks Bachmann's candidacy really speaks about freedom for all Americans.  No, I'd venture to guess that her entire support comes from the Tea Party (well, less one group, for sure).

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