Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Car That Collapses Into a Briefcase, cont.

Part 2.

Imagine the crunching sound of that car being caught beneath the wheels of a city bus or a semi barreling down a busy six-lane city street where the speed limit is 45.

Imagine the screams of the driver of that car as its 11-inch wheels get stuck in the ruts of a railroad crossing.

Imagine the sight of four reasonably strong men lifting that car onto a flatbed truck and just driving off with it.

Imagine the sight of a few rambunctious teens tripping through a parking lot at a grocery store, randomly rolling these cars over.

Weight has practical value: it deters theft and adds safety. Horsepower also has practical value: it provides a measure of safety in trying to get out of the way of an approaching vehicle whose driver doesn't see you, or to outrun a criminal who wants to carjack you.

Bad idea.

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