Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Bill -- I Vote No

Incoming Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will vote against Obama's healthcare reform bill. But he had this to say about it:
Well it’s been interesting looking at the Senate and the US Senate is doing. They’re really mirroring what we did a couple of years ago through Governor Romney’s leadership. [...] And as I said we have a plan that is somewhat similar to what the Federal plan [...] Without the Federal stimulus dollars and the waiver money filling our plan, it would fail.

He admits that the Senate bill is very similar to what Romney, a Republican, managed to get done in Massachusetts. And he admits that it would have failed without federal assistance. But because the federal plan is being floated by a Democrat (and is, you know, actually being paid for in the budget as opposed to the completely unfunded Medicare Part D), he's going to oppose it.

This, dear readers, is the Republic tactic. Do everything to kill everything the president wants to do by invoking cloture on every important vote, proposing no viable alternative, then blame Dems for getting nothing done in order to regain Congress in 2010. And, once in control again, block everything, sit on their hands, and call Obama a do-nothing president.

Evil. And, judging by how effective it's been so far, smart.

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