Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sarah Palin, Tax Cheat?

Apparently so.

Mudflats reports that they received a letter attached to two copies of tax assessments for properties the Palins own that are improved with cabins, but the assessment shows improvement value as $0. Apparently, they never told the borough tax collector that they built on their land about four years ago.

Not that this is going to lead to a huge tax payment for the Palins, and probably will result in just a slap on the wrist, maybe a fine. But here's the kicker: when Palin ran for Governor of Alaska, the DNC vetted her. Much more than McCain ever did. They came up with a 63-page report, which contained the following juicy tidbit:

Pg. 48/63 Palin Declined to Appear in Ads for A Candidate Because He Had Not Paid His Property Taxes.

In 2004, it came to light that Republican Rep. Vic Kohring owed the borough $2,277 in unpaid property taxes on property he owns off Knik-Goose Bay Road, according to borough records. "That bothered former Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin enough that she declined a campaign request to do a pro-Kohring TV commercial. As a former mayor, Palin said, it made her uncomfortable to back someone with unpaid taxes when the city relies on property taxes." [Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 10/28/04]

So, as Wasilla mayor she didn't want to be tainted by someone who hadn't paid property taxes. I just LOVE karma!

It's just as well. It's been reported that more and more Republican candidates are distancing themselves from her, especially since Scott Brown was elected to the Senate. Seems that glass ceiling just repaired itself!

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