Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ron Paul: No Tea-Partier

Ron Paul, who ran for President in 2008 and raised a shitload of money and had a very large following, has three primary opponents who classify themselves as Tea Partiers. But, one of them says of Paul, via the Dallas Morning News:

John Gay, Paul's third opponent, said he has attended several Tea Parties and related meetings. Both Wall, a machine supervisor, and Graney, a former small-business owner, have helped organize local rallies.

Tea Party associations aside, many of the challengers' criticisms echo concerns of Paul's past opponents: that he is too focused on his national ambitions; that his views are too extreme; that he doesn't support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; that he votes "no" on everything, including federal aid for his district after Hurricane Ike.

These Tea Partiers are not about fiscal responsibility; they're about maintaining the Bush status quo, following a religious ideology, and hatred of anything Obama does out of pure racism.

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