Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House GOP Fears Obama BIG TIME

TPM's Josh Marshall has some handy facts related to a Politico story about why the planned summit between House Republicans and President Obama was "postponed."

House GOP leaders claim that Obama "crashed" their caucus retreat last January and ambushed them, catching them unprepared. Really? So, when the president came to their Baltimore retreat on January 29, after the Politico ran a story about it nearly three weeks before and the GOP issued a frickin' press release about it the day after the Politico story expressing gratitude that "the President of the United States has accepted our invitation to meet with the Republican Conference later this month."

Marshall's money quote:
In other words, that's more than two weeks before these House Republicans who must have spent the month in a sensory deprivation chamber were stunned to see
the president's motorcade driving up unannounced to crash their party.

Like Marshall, I'm very angry that the media, which has just as much access to Google as any idiot with a PC, reports this crap like it's really news when it isn't. It's just more fucking lies. Lies to mask the truth that the GOP is scared to death of meeting with Obama because they have nothing substantive to say except, "We're out to get you, Mr. President. Be afraid. Be very afraid." Schoolyard bully shit.

The truth is that they do remember the trouncing Obama served them during that January summit. And no amount of posturing on Mike Pence's part, or John Boehner's part, can alter the fact that the GOP looked like daft pricks.

The president has a long game working very well. At this rate and with nothing to offer except rehashed, failed policies from the Bush era, the GOP will flame out in less than a year, when the reelection campaign will get underway.

Bring on Sarah Palin, please. We Dems need more red moose meat.

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