Monday, November 29, 2010

She Who Must Be Stopped

Sarah Palin will destroy America if she is elected to the presidency at any time in her life, assuming her knowledge of the way the world works (or her curiosity about learning more about how the world works) does not improve from its current state. Just a sampling of a few things I've read today:
  • FrumForum watches and live-blogs her TLC reality show (so we don't have to). The notes suggest that the entire show is contrived to portray her as just a regular gal from Alaska and doesn't quite gel to the point of giving her any additional credibility in either the lower 48 or Alaska that she deserves serious consideration in 2012. Her kids have no first-hand experience with any of the things that the show has them doing in the most current episode, and there is a failed attempt "bonding-time" between Dad and eldest son, Track.
  • Palin's Tweet today about the WikiLeaks release of some 250,000 classified State Dept. cables, in which she claims the leak was "treasonous" AND that she was able to prevent excerpts of her book from being leaked (so Obama must be completely incompetent, nyeah nyeah!!!). Well... 1. WikiLeaks is not based in America and its owner is not American, so we couldn't charge him with treason; 2. excerpts of her book were leaked to Gawker, but Palin's attorneys successfully got them to take the excerpts off the website.
My greatest concern about this woman is that she bends the truth to suit her needs, and makes no attempt ever to acknowledge that she is doing so, or to admit mistakes even in the fact of factual evidence that she is flat-out lying. She is without tact, as if being a "mama grizzly" would be a benefit to being president. Well, perhaps, if being president meant that alienating anyone and everyone would be a benefit.

My hope is that the Republican Party as a whole rejects the idea of this woman leading them into the future, or at worst, that those who follow her create a third party to challenge the "blue-bloods" of the party. It would restore my optimistic belief that America really is a nation of people who want what's best for the greatest number of people.

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