Sunday, November 28, 2010

What if?

I keep re-thinking what would have been different had McCain won in 2008. Would he have let GM fail, putting hundreds of thousands out of work? Hardly. Would he have been able, with a Democratically-controlled Congress, to enact more tax cuts for the wealthy? Not on your life. Would he have been successful at creating jobs with the same old Bush policies that got us into this mess? I would likely have been unemployed, renting, and with a massive failure of my good credit, had he been elected.

In my opinion, we would have seen thousands of national guard troops deployed along the Mexican border, massive deportation raids, a deeper deficit, a deeper recession (perhaps a depression), increased war in Iraq, further degradation of the security of Afghanistan, less diplomatic success, air strikes on Iran, the renewed use of torture, an angrier populace, more (Christian) religion in government, even fewer Americans with health-care due to even more massive unemployment, more foreclosures, more bank failures, and a Dow around 5,000.

But, of course, we would have had one less Fox News commentator and one less reality show on TLC. Oh, wait... I guess I'm glad for those two things.

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