Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The GOP: White, Christian, and Now... Male!

After Maureen Dowd's column in yesterday's NYT in which she suggested that President Obama has been getting most of his guidance from his most senior female advisers (Sec'y of State Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and Nat'l Security Advisor Samantha Power), the GOP punditry has jumped all over this to suggest that Obama has somehow been feminized.

Courtesy of TPM, we can see Pat Buchanan making that argument on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

But let's not stop there. Pat Buchanan hasn't had an original thought in years, so it must have come from someone else. And, indeed, Frank Gaffney, who writes for Republican guru Andrew Breitbart, bloviated three days ago about Obama his "anti-Israel troika of female advisors."

Nothing yet from Drudge about this, but it wouldn't surprise me if he started this whole pseudo-meme.

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