Thursday, March 3, 2011

Only in Orange County?

Last month, a Muslim relief organization held an event in Yorba Linda, CA (in the northeastern corner of Orange County, an upscale city which hosts the Nixon museum and birthplace). The fundraiser was disrupted (outside) by a group of protesting whiteys, supported by politicians who were, unfortunately, indistinguishable in their idiocy from the rest of the crowd except for the microphones in their hands.

This video was compiled from footage on local media and supplemented by video shot by Muslim attendees. It makes me sick, but it's essential to remind ourselves that this hatred exists.

I first saw this video posted on Digby's blog, which I found through Sullivan's link. I cringed when I heard the protesters call them "terrorists," or tell them to "go home and beat your wife like you do every night." Most, if not all, of these Muslims are probably American citizens.

I'm afraid that Orange County is not the only place to find this hatred. There are states all over this country which are passing laws outlawing Shariah law (as if it could possibly supplant our Constitution). We are witnessing the complete breakdown of the former white ruling class in this country, morhping into something more peaceful, brilliant, and inclusive to all citizens. As Dick Cheney said, "They are in their last throes."

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