Friday, March 25, 2011

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Andrew Sullivan ponders the parallels that have been drawn between neoconservatism and fascism. Personally, I see the former as a "lite" version of the latter. Money quote:
[W]hat they are really about is the increase of American global power under the guise of democracy. ...

That's one reason neocons were utterly unconcerned with a presidency that gave itself unlimited powers in an unlimited war: the power to seize citizens and non-citizens at will without due process under emergency laws, the power to torture victims to procure rationales for future warfare and retroactive casus belli, and the power to ransack anyone's private property (John Yoo found the Fourth Amendment as "quaint" as the Geneva Conventions). Every time you hear Bill Kristol blithely say that someone does not need to be granted due process in order to be jailed or executed, the veil slips a little.
At this point, all the neocons need is to dominate the executive and legislative branches (they nearly dominate the judicial at this point and could overrun it in the next 10 years or so), and we would have the foundations in place for a total fascist state. "Freedom" as a gift to those who serve the state. To those who do not so serve, constant threat of observation, initimidation, arrest and the complete loss of all freedoms.

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