Monday, September 19, 2011

"Fire the First Shot"

Andrew Breitbart admits that when he's feeling stressed and not thinking clearly, he thinks it would be just fine if the right-wing in this country just opens fire on the liberals.  "We outnumber them in this country, and we have the guns....I'm not kidding."

His disclaimer that he only thinks this shit up when he's not thinking clearly is bullshit.  Watch the video.   He's not just expressing frustration at all the crap he has to put up with from the left.  He loves the idea of knowing that the military would back him up.  As if the military would defy the commander-in-chief (well, Andrew would probably wait to do anything until a Republican were in the White House, so that he could be the bully).

I'm posting the video that someone put up on YouTube because his dark side needs to be revealed.

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