Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sullivan blasts Walter Russell Mead for suggesting that American Evangelicals (what Andrew and I call Christianists) will not ever be the religious group to create a theocracy in this country:
Has he been conscious since Roe vs Wade? The point here, it seems to me, is that Focus on the Family is no longer necessary. Its positions - once radical - are now litmus tests for every GOP candidate save one. It controls the party on social issues so completely the likeliest nominee began his campaign at a prayer rally. The winner of the Iowa straw poll is not just anti-gay, but actually has a business "curing" them. Criminalizing all abortion is now not even up for debate within the GOP, and blind, faith-based support for Greater Israel in a global war against Islam is also de rigueur. Mead can dream on ... but you don't need a religious right when the GOP has itself become synonymous with it.
My emphasis.  Any non-evangelical person who identifies as a Republican is employing wishful thinking that his/her party is not rooted in Christianist, Dominionist dogma, or is holding his/her nose while drinking their Kool-Aid.

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