Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uh, Yeah Right Moment of the Day

Rick Perry carrying the Latino vote?  Hah!

When the GOP is dominated -- dominated -- by the Tea Party ideology, when questions get asked about how to get rid of the illegals in this country, Perry the nominee would have to tread a very fine line indeed.  Anything he says to pacify the Tea Party will be seen as just that: pacification.  As such, it would just piss them off, not get them to settle down.  They're purist, racist nutjobs, remember?  An any attempt to pacify the Tea Party would be see by Latinos as insincerity on Perry's part that he actually cares about them.  He may have, as governor of Texas, coddled Latino immigrants by providing in-state tuition, but a "few practiced lines" about how he has helped Latinos in a state whose people couldn't give a shit about them will fall on deaf ears.

Better to concede the middle to Obama, because he's already won it.  Perry has no choice but to run on his conservative bonafides and hope that there are enough disaffected moderates who will hold their noses and vote for him.  When the GOP's rhetoric since November 2008 has been that they lost because they weren't conservative enough, when their actions over the past three years have been to obstruct a pragmatist, centrist, conservative president at every conceivable turn, that NOW they'd suddenly go all commie-compassionate-moderate on their followers?

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