Friday, September 23, 2011

"Jesus Loves Nukes" Yanked from Air Force Training Curriculum

Truthout writer Jason Leopold reports on a top Air Force commander who released a memo this past Tuesday with guidelines that call for "leaders at all levels" to maintain the church/state separation guaranteed in the Constitution.

It's been well known for years that command in the Air Force, and much of the military, has been infiltrated by Christian Fundamentalists, who frequently use biblical passages and religious imagery to further their religious dogma on their subordinates. 

It's a great thing that this is coming out, better late than never!  I do not want the soldiers in our military believing that there's a crusade against Islam and that we have biblical basis for doing what we're doing.

Related story: the FBI was exposed for one of its instructor's having delivered a lecture where he declared the only way to stop terrorism was to "attack Islam."  While I wouldn't say this story is directly about the influence of Christianity on yet another arm of the federal government, sure wouldn't surprise me if there were some strong tie between FBI leadership and influential Christian groups and individuals.

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