Monday, September 26, 2011

Good News on the GOP Front -- Another Loser in 2012

Sullivan compiles some punditry on the current GOP horse race and the consensus is that Perry's got it very difficult at this point if he continues to show up like the blow-up doll he is, and that Romney will be the default go-to guy even though he has a very poor track record of winning elections.

Perry is so bad that even his undefeated electoral streak isn't going to overshadow his shortcomings.  Hell, let's be honest.  His election victories have all come in TEXAS -- not exactly a difficult place for a Christianist, white-bread, aw-shucks-ma'am cowboy to notch some wins.

Let's look at the rest of the current field:
Cain: Bat-shit crazy, electable
Gingrich: Angry, bull in a china shop, smart yet arrogant, unelectable
Huntsman: smart yet unknown, great ideas but no connection to the base, unelectable
Bachmann: Bat-shit crazy, unelectable
Santorum: Oblivious to how unelectable he is
The <1% rest -- seriously?

Now, how about the ones we think might still want to run?
Palin: So bat-shit crazy not even the Republicans want her to run
Christie: The one.  He steps in and the establishment on both sides re-calculates.

The Democrats can only hope it's Palin or Perry.  Romney polls well against Obama (and the base will vote for him given no other choice), and Christie's so plain spoken and fair-minded he'd give Obama a real run for his money.

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