Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cain Goes Splat! on Fox

Fox in box
Cain in box on Fox
Cain dips wick in fox, calls "bollocks" in box on Fox
Cain taking stock, may put lock on hearing vox populi
Fox knocks Cain, Cain hawks books
A pox on Cain, a pox on Fox!
Now, let's have a little talk about Tweedle Beetles...

TPM has a great recap of a devastating interview Cain gave to Fox's Neil Cavuto earlier today.  Best is the end exchange (my italics):
Neil: Finally, a week from now, do you think in your gut you will still be a candidate?

Cain: A week from now, I will have made a final decision.

Neil: In or out? 

Cain: A week from now, I will have made a decision. 

Neil: At least you didn't say 9-9-9. All right, always a pleasure. Thank you very much.

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