Monday, November 7, 2011

It Will Be Obama vs. Romney

Pivoting off this Matt Steinglass piece in The Economist, it's hard to deny the electoral non-appeal of non-politicians as candidates for president.  The only successful non-politician in the past 100 years was Eisenhower, and he was elected to end a war, not rescue an economy.  In fact, his warnings on the connections between government and industry are proving spot-on. 

This basically means that Herman Cain, the current GOP frontrunner, is more and more looking like toast as time goes on.  If today's allegations of sexual misconduct stick for any length of time -- and it's becoming more and more difficult for Cain to brush them off like so many dandruff flakes -- it'll be the politician, Romney (and NOT Rick Perry) who rises to the top of the very low GOP heap.  And while Romney currently looks good head to head against Obama, time will show (as will the very clever and resourceful Obama campaign team) that everything Romney is proposing has already been proven not to work.

What's the definition of insanity again? 

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