Friday, November 18, 2011

Newt Not an Official Lobbyist

Sullivan profiles Newt's financial past by highlighting a couple of stories.  The take-away:
It's true to say that Gingrich never "lobbied" for the [Medicare Part D] bill. Lobbying is a distinctive career; you have to register to conduct it. Gingrich merely used his status as a conservative icon, with close ties to many House members and a well of respect with others, to advocate for policies. He was, at the same time, collecting money from the GSEs and the health care industry.
This is like Clinton claiming not to have inhaled.  He was a paid lobbyist even though he never registered.  He skirted the law.  "Oh," says Newt, "surely there are more important things to criticize than my 100% legal means to earn a living."  Ethics, dear Mr. Gin-Grinch.

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