Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chinks in the GOP Armor, Cont.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), leader of the Senate Republican Conference, said today:
This is about more than money, it's about whether the president and the Congress can competently govern ... We now have Republicans who have put revenues on the table [and] Democrats on the supercommittee who have put entitlements on the table. Both need to put more on the table and get a result, and we're here to support them.
Republicans are beginning to realize that they cannot possibly win an election in this economy with this many people really hurting by obstructing literally everything the president proposes.  If you're a Republican member of the most unpopular Congress in history, and a deal cannot be reached, and the eurozone blows up, and the economy slips into another global recession, wouldn't you want to say to your constituents that you did literally everything you could, including raising revenues, to protect the US economy from going down the drain again?  I mean, really, at what point does rhetoric about "not one dollar in revenues" become self-defeating?   At what point does "no compromise" jeopardize not only your re-election chances, but the country itself?  Do we really believe Republicans lack the sense of decency to step up when help is most needed?

Please don't think I'm suddenly a cheerleader for the GOP.  Their agreeing to revenue increases at this time is very likely a purely political move.  They are reading the tea leaves, and "Taxed Enough Already" doesn't begin to solve the problem.  What we are witnessing, little by little, is the obsolescence of the Tea Party movement as a serious engine for political and economic change in this country.

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