Thursday, January 14, 2010

A DINO-Sore, cont.

Greenwald on Harold Ford, Jr.'s "cringe-inducing New York Times interview yesterday":
[W]hat made Ford's interview so stomach-turning to read was his willingness to say the exact opposite of what he so stridently said during his unsuccessful run for the Senate in Tennessee just three years ago. He's hardly alone in that regard -- Ford's likely primary opponent, Kirsten Gillibrand, instantaneously transformed from right-wing, lobbyist-serving House Blue Dog Democrat into Good Loyal Doctrinaire Progressive upon being appointed to her Senate seat -- but Ford is particularly unskilled in hiding his soullessness. It's just a reminder that most national politicians are so desperate for the petty perks of power that they're willing to publicly humiliate themselves by making it clear that they believe in nothing and are willing to recite whatever will please those around them and those funding them. It's creepy and ugly and explains a lot about our political class.

Which makes Obama refreshing since he largely has stayed consistent with what he campaigned on in 2008.

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