Monday, July 7, 2008

A Good Old-Fashioned GOP Bloodletting

Good for the Republican soul, according to this Politico piece. Choice quote:

There are two main strains to the Obamacan phenomenon: people who are inspired by Obama’s post-partisanship, and those who want a complete blood transfusion for the GOP brand after the days of President Bush, Karl Rove and Tom DeLay.

Lifelong Nebraska Republican David Sayers describes it this way: “The Republican Party has lost its soul. It’s no longer the party of Goldwater. For years, it was about small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility. Foreign policy was always about, 'Look after ourselves first and humanitarian outreach second,' but it was never about having our own Roman Empire. ... I see Obama as the Democratic Ronald Reagan — someone who can really bring us together and heal us as a nation. ... In the long term, a catastrophic loss in November could be very good for the party."

Another good quote, this from John Martin, a third-year law student and Naval Reserve who just got back from a tour in Afghanistan:
What do I like about Obama? He’s not divisive. He reaches across the aisle. He’s a smart guy, a young guy — someone I can identify with. I’m not happy at all with the Republicans. Our party has chosen to be divisive and demonize the Democrats rather than meeting our nation’s challenges. ... Our party had control of Congress and the White House, and we dropped the ball.

Indeed. However, McBush has some "McCainocrats" as well. Those who supported Clinton during the primaries and are bitter about her loss, plus those Democrats who are hawkish on the Iraq War -- like Joe Lieberman -- could pile up enough numbers on the red side of the ballot to offset the "Obamacans."

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