Monday, July 21, 2008

Painted Into a Corner, cont.

Email exchange with a reader:
Dizzle: I actually like McCain’s response. It makes me think of a loan approval. A loan approval is technically “approved” but it is based on conditions. So, is it really approved? I think not, so is there an agreement with Maliki if it is based on conditions??? Uh, No….

Plus, the way he downplays the Maliki move and kind of shrugs it off shows his experience and the fact that Obama, who has no experience in this territory could be taken advantage of…

Me: Obama doesn't work in a vacuum without advisers along the way, and EVERYTHING in politics is conditional. There is no black and white and you and I know jack squat compared to them about particulars. He gave a non-answer, just like a conditional loan approval. "we like what we see so far, Mr. Borrower, but there are conditions and everything could change." In fact, if you read the Iraqi spokesman's statement to the press, he says this all looks good unless violence kicks up again. In other words, it's not an agreement; it's an idea right now.

Dizzle: Right. So what is wrong with McCain’s response. The situation is gray, the answer is gray…

Me: What's wrong is that he didn't say "the situation is grey so I can't give you a concrete answer." He said he knows what's going on over there. If it's so black and white to him then why can't he say, "this whole thing doesn't work because conditions on the ground don't support it?" He's not because in effect Obama scooped him on the solution.

Dizzle: I understand your argument and that is why I am interpreting his answer as exactly that, grey…he is calling out Maliki’s agreement as grey and not even a step in the right direction…He in my opinion is showing savvy and not instilling false hope of a plan, like Obama may be doing. To me, his answer is that of a straight shooter.

In reality, no one who is watching what Obama does thinks Obama is now magically in possession of all the answers to this problem. He and McSame are remarkably close on their opinions of how to solve this problem. But witness: Obama has been saying that the solution is to end this war and withdraw troops as soon as it can be done safely. McSame has been parroting the Bush doctrine, saying a timetable for withdrawal would signal disaster for the region. The Iraqi PM clearly said before Obama ever showed up that a timetable was desired. The US couldn't hammer out is Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq because it couldn't come to terms on a withdrawal timetable. Bush/McBush don't want to leave; there's oil in them thar hills! So along comes Obama, whose outlook on the Iraq War is supported, albeit cautiously, by the Iraqi PM. Now, you get McSame backpedalling and greying out his answer to a direct question from Meredith Vieira. That doesn't make him a straight shooter, that makes him a bullshit artist.

Now I leave it up to you. Please write in with your thoughts. Dizzle wants to hear them.

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