Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mass Hysteria of the Right-WingNuts

On far-right website, a survey of 2,374 readers reveals that 71% of them believe that there is at least some truth in the depiction of Barack Obama and his wife on the cover of New Yorker Magazine. Just in case some of you haven't yet seen it, it's a classic satire:

I love the cut off picture of Bin Laden over the Oval Office fireplace burning the American flag! If that isn't intended to be a joke, I don't know what is.

I'm not an artist, but if I could render pictures like this, my response might be McCain sitting in an Oval Office chair, napping in front of a TV playing reruns of Andy Griffith, with a copy of an old Life magazine open across his chest with a picture on the cover of that naked Vietnamese girl running down the road after her village got napalmed (reliving the Glory Days). He would be dressed in light colored Sans-a-Belt Haggar slacks stained with urine, while an unopened box of Depends undergarments sits on the floor beneath his chair. Perched on the shelf above the fireplace over his shoulder would be Cindy, his trophy wife, anchored to -- what else! -- a trophy base made of a beer bottle.

And 71% of Huffington Post readers would probably think there was some truth to that picture. Excuse me, I have to go answer this call from the Pulitzer committee...

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