Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pickens Can't be Picked-Off

Strange bedfellows indeed. Op-Ed Columnist Timothy Egan notes in today's NY Times that Texas oil billionaire and corporate raider T. Boone Pickens, the guy who refused to fork over $1 million after a group of Vietnam veterans provided proof that the Swift Boat Campaign against John Kerry (which was financed by him with $3 million and delivered a knockout blow to the Kerry campaign) was factually false, features an endorsement by the Sierra Club's executive director, Carl Pope, on his website.

Remember, Pickens is the guy who's proposing to spend $10 billion of his own money to create the largest wind farm in the world on the gusty plains of west Texas. He says the energy generated there could help to free up natural gas for automobiles -- and thereby reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

But how does this billionaire, who made sure Bush got re-elected, step out of that role to undermine the candidacy of John McCain? Easy: money. Pickens has read the tea leaves and knows that there's money to be made in the alternative energy business moving forward. So who does this guy think will be the kind of president that will better accomodate his bidness model? McSame, who wants us to have permanent bases in Iraq so that we can harness and control their oil, wasting federal dollars in the process? Or Obama, who has already publicly committed to pulling away from foreign oil?

Go 'head and spend them there dollars, Mr. (Slim) Pickens! Yee-haw!

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