Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Songwriter to Support

I first became acquainted with Jack Johnson as the voice behind the soundtrack to Curious George, which I saw with my sons Max and Eli about two years ago. His mellow voice and gentle songs are catchy and they have stayed in my head since my kids now watch the DVD at home.

However, what's really setting Johnson apart for me is the fact that he has taken his passion for environmental causes and is put it into action in a major way. This article showcases Johnson's Brushfire Records, and the ways in which he produces records and runs his business(their studio equipment is run on solar, all lighting is energy efficient, insulation is made from torn blue jeans, all furniture is second hand). He also supports environmental organizations at the various locales where he tours, raising money and awareness at his shows. He even runs the tour buses on biodiesel, encourages recycling at the venues, and even has an "EnviroRider," aan attachment to all venue contracts that require the venue to conform to certain rules when he plays there (and it's not about bowls full of green M&Ms either).

Johnson should be supported by anyone who believes that our future depends on energy conservation, recycling, and reducing our carbon footprint. He's the real deal.

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