Friday, July 25, 2008

Impeachment Hearings Today

The House Judiciary Committee today holds hearings regarding the 35 Articles of Impachment against Bush brought by Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. Mostly a dog and pony show, says Glenn Greenwald.

Money quote:
Serious, responsible Beltway establishment leaders know that courtrooms and prosecutions are only for the common people and -- for our own good -- our leaders cannot, must not and should not be exposed to any of that, and must continue to be able to shield what they do from public scrutiny.
I'm struck by a thought: has it ever been the case that our government was so transparent that we could see everything it did? Is this just an instance where the government slipped up and accidentally let us see what was behind the curtain? My memory only goes back to Watergate and the Pentagon Papers, but to me those events suggest to me that there is much we common folk don't know about what's going on, and that violations of the Constitution are widespread and common among those with high security clearances. I'm not saying that makes lawbreaking OK; I never would. But no matter how much we complain or prosecute or impeach, won't this sort of thing go on and on?

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