Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning Reading

Sullivan substitute Hilzoy tears into a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Edgar-award winning writer Andrew Klavan entitled, "What Bush and Batman Have in Common."

Words sort of fail me as to how Klavan could have managed this piece without making his editors vomit, but then again the WSJ is now owned by Rupe (Dogg) Murdoch. Such Bush-lionizing comes naturally.

Hilzoy goes out on a limb at the end when he compares Klavan's philosophizing to Himmler's justification for exterminating the Jews. Click on Hilzoy's link at the end for a fascinating look into the mind of a sociopath. Personally, I can imagine Bush sitting privately with his most trusted advisers on September 12, pontificating on the perceived need of good, decent Christians to rid the world of Muslims before they somehow corrupt the whole planet. Then again, he's got less than six months to go and he hasn't made much progress. Thank God for that.

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