Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heed the Warning

Glenn Greenwald stops talking about FISA and civil liberties long enough to weigh in on the GOP strategy for the general election (emphasis Glenn's).

The Republicans are well aware that they can't possibly win the election if it is even partially decided based on issues. They need and intend to win despite the fact that Americans hate their positions on the issues, and to do that, they want to ensure that a majority of Americans love and respect the strong, honorable, principled, culturally familiar all-American mavericks John McCain and Sarah Palin (even if they don't agree with them on everything) while strongly disliking that wishy-washy, snooty, foreign, exotic, self-absorbed Eastern elitist Barack Obama (even if he says the right things on issues).
The Democrats who spoke at the Convention last week -- all of them -- referred to McCan't as an honorable man who served his country well. Given the fact that they went first in the convention timetable, it would have been hard for them to go the other way too. But now that the shows are almost over (let's not forget that Palin's running mate is speaking tonight!), it's time for the Democrats to remember that America has a very short attention span and typically votes on single issues. They are not going to care about his biography when the Democrats list the litany of times McCan't abandoned them in the Senate. One place they can do this and render his veteran status irrelevant is to remind voters that he voted against the new GI Bill, along with President Bush, which would have modified the payout to veterans to attend college after their service in amounts that were based on current costs for college. Another would be to point out that McCan't has voted multiple times to shift the tax burden off rich individuals and corporations onto the middle class. And a third would be to point out how little he cares about actual governing when he selected a running mate without properly vetting her just so he could win the election. In fact, they should turn his own campaign slogan, "Country First" back on him.

"Election First.!"

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