Tuesday, May 20, 2008


In an op-ed today by NY Times columnist Bob Herbert:
The Houston Chronicle did a long takeout on Sunday on the suicide in March 2007 of an Army recruiting sergeant, Nils Aron Andersson — just one day after his marriage to Carry Walton. Sgt. Andersson, 25, had spoken of the many horrors that he had encountered in Iraq and was deeply depressed. He shot himself while sitting in his pickup in a parking garage. Distraught, Ms. Walton bought a 9-millimeter handgun at a sporting goods store the next day and killed herself.

The piece was about how this election may still wind up being about trivial things as opposed to real issues. The above was one of the real issues, that of the abuse of our men and women in uniform who get forced into multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, while we pretend to care about them in our bumper stickers and lapel pins.

Why doesn't Texas have a law requiring a waiting period to get a handgun after purchasing it, like they do in California? If they did, maybe this woman would still be alive.

These, my choir, are the real issues.

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